Effectiveness of white dandelion juice and how to drink native white dandelion extract

Effectiveness of white dandelion juice and how to drink native white dandelion extract

Modern chronic inflammation disease occurs by various reasons, food life, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stressIf you do not directly change the habit of life habits and patterns, the red signal is light!
So, I would like to introduce white tints for chronic inflammatory diseasesMany people have interested in the stomach, many people have been interested in the stomach.Then, let’s look at white tane and eat white tane soup!
I am a man of the Wiso farm owner, Kim Sjin!

order of dicotyledonous fireflies It is a perennial of the chrysanthemum family, and the yellow dandelion we often see is a Western/white dandelion. All leaves come out of the roots and grow diagonally, but flowers bloom from April to June, and flower patterns are shorter than leaves, so white flowers bloom. There are more than 400 kinds, but not all of them are used as medicines!
It is said that only conventional dandelions called white dandelions have the best medicinal properties. Roots and young leaves are eaten a lot as soup and vegetables, and they are roasted in barrels to eat a lot as white dandelion juice or tea.

It’s called a folk remedy, a mysterious crude drug, and it has strong vitality In Chinese medicine, it is called “Shogongyeong” and has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Plants such as root leaves, flower stems, and flowers are known to be one of the few medicinal herbs used. It is more than three times more effective in antioxidant activity than yellow dandelions.

Silymarin and choline, known as the representative ingredients of white dandelion efficacy, help liver health by strengthening liver cell membrane, and rich vitamin A and lutein are known to help people who use computers or mobile phones for a long time. Nuilin also helps control blood sugar levels and purifies blood. In addition, it strengthens the stomach and intestines and is said to be helpful for inflammation that can occur anywhere in the body.

@@Please refer to the nutritional ingredients for each part!
Roots: Organic acid, choline, fructose, tarasol, taracellol leaves: lutein, carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamin B1, B2, C and D stems: white liquid is terpine; flower: alnidiol, flavosangjin and lutein pollen: cytostrom, folic acid and vitamin C.

It doesn’t have as many side effects as it has been used for food and medicine since ancient times, but it has a cold nature, so you should eat it carefully if your body is cold It is recommended to eat it with warm medicinal ingredients such as jujube, garlic, and ginger. In addition, excessive intake can cause diarrhea and stomachache, so it is recommended to take it in an amount suitable for the recommended daily dose Please consult a specialist before taking it for pregnant women and breastfeeding.

★ Various ways to eat white dandelions!
1. Young leaves are pickled in kimchi or pickled vegetables, and they have a strong bitter taste, so you can reduce the bitterness by dipping them in boiling water for a long time.2. The roots are dug and eaten with tempura or soup, or dried well in the sun and made with tea. 3. Flowers are boiled in vinegar-filled water and eaten mixed with it, or dried in the shade and boiled in tea.

But the best way to eat it is a whole white dandelion juice/extract It’s a favorite way for many people to eat it because you can easily take all the nutrients at once.★ How to drink white dandelion extract Please share 2 packs a day in the morning and evening We recommend that you eat before meals rather than after meals!
Also, you can keep it refrigerated and eat it cool or warm!
Help yourself!

Flowers blooming along the road or on the roadside are contaminated by automobile exhaust, pesticides, and fine dust. Therefore, it is recommended to eat mindure grown in clean farmland, and if you eat dry ingredients, boiling them in a kettle or pot for a short time may make it difficult to see the efficacy. That’s why more people eat it with soup these days!

If you boil it thick for more than 15 hours after drying at a low temperature, you can maximize the taste and medicinal properties, and many people seem to visit it because you can expect the efficacy of white dandelions quickly. Please note that all parts, such as leaves and roots, can be boiled completely, so you can eat enough nutrients contained in dandelions, and the preference is much higher because the intake method is simple.

It is recommended to drink extract made by decocting only native white dandelions without using other additives or preservatives. It is recommended to drink it where you can trust and buy it. If you have difficulty eating vegetables or fruits, are having a hard time due to chronic fatigue, or need health care, I recommend you to try itExperience fresh soup at the Miso store!
▼▼▼▼▼▼White dandelion soup (domestic): Miso farm site [Miso farm site] This soybean paste farm specializes in selling fresh health foods at home and abroad ♡건행♡smartstore.naver.comIt’s low in calories, so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight even if you keep eating, and it won’t put a strain on your body, so please try it for your health. Enjoy a healthy life while drinking white dandelion juice with constant exercise It’s been a miso farm.May you always have many happy things and be happy!
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